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The Essential Point to Consider When Buying Car Air Purifiers

Before buying a car air purifier, there are certain essential points that you need to consider. Some of them are HEPA, anti-bacterial coating, carbon filter, child- lock, purifying capacity and air-quality monitoring.


Ensure that the car air purifier uses a tested and certified multi-stage HEPA technology that can efficiently trap harmful pollutants which can cause serious health hazards.

Anti-bacterial Coating

Check whether the HEPA filter has a special coating to eliminate bacteria from the air.

Carbon Filter

Check whether the car air purifier has specially treated carbon filter with a high grade absorptive value for better absorption of odour and foul smell, cigarette smoke, dust, pet odour, etc.

Child- Lock

Child lock feature ensures that the air purifier settings is not changed by kids or leads to any kind of injuries.

Purifying Capacity

Check the CADR to ensure that the car air purifier instantly purifies the air inside the room.

Air-Quality Monitoring

Check whether the car air purifier has an air-quality monitoring system in the room to adjust the clean flow of air in accordance with the air quality.